Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Am Honored

It feels like forever since I've posted and almost as long since I've created. And I can blame it on nothing other than day-to-day life and the ever-increasing speed at which it happens...It seems the older I get, the faster and busier it goes! And it's time again already for some Clear Dollar Stamps sneak peeks for the May sets (available for purchase day-after-tomorrow...yay!). I've also got my very first Doodlefactory card I wanna share, as well.

But for now I am so excited and honored to shout from my blogging rooftop that I've been awarded the Arte y Pico award...and not once, but TWICE! Thank you so very much to Kristin at Artful Inkables and Lynn at Stamperosity for bestowing me with this award...I can't even begin to say how touched and honored I am that both of these very, VERY talented ladies felt my work worthy...what inspiration and empowerment to do more, create more...to make it a priority to set aside, if only for a little while, the crazy-busy stuff of life and indulge in the creative process!

And speaking of empowerment...as the saying goes, "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" so now for the rules & responsibilities that accompany this award:

1) The recipient must pick 5 blogs that she considers deserving of this award - talented artists that contribute to the blogging community.
2) Each award has to have the name of the author, as well as a link to their blog to be visited by all!
3) Each winner has to show the award that she has been given by the awarder.
4) Both the awardee and the awarder have to provide a link to the Arte y Pico blog so everyone will know the origin of this award.
5) All participants must display these rules.

And now for the 5 blogs I'm excited to honor:

3) Colleen of kroppykat
4) Marie of Scrapping World
5) Kristine of Cafe Ink

I encourage you to take time out of YOUR hectic life to visit these awesome blogs...and ENJOY. And thanks again, Kristin & Lynn!


Marie Cramp said...

Thank You Erin,
I just can't believe it. I am so excited to receive this award. I hope I can figure out how to post it on my blog. lol.

Thanks again

Kristine said...

Thanks so much Erin!! :D Somehow your email got sent to my spam folder and I rarely clean that out. But I was going thru them today and found your message. :D You're so sweet. THANKS SO MUCH!!

Happy Mother's Day tomorrow!!