Sunday, November 9, 2008

Random Beauty
As pro-mised, some art from nature's craftroom!
Can you even believe these are REAL berries?! I took this shot just outside my Mom's front door (and I need to ask her what, exactly, this plant is); goes to show you the surprises we'll find right before our eyes, if only we look...

Fall Hens & Chicks
I love this quirky plant! Spreads quickly and profusely and is so hearty (which is good for those of us withOUT a green thumb!). I have several small patches of these around my patio and waterfall and they make just the right accent. Isn't the touch of purple just so pretty?
And While We're Posting Purple...
Though not one of my 'favoritest' colors - to wear or to craft with - it sure looks gorgeous when it comes natural-ly! This hydrangea is another of my Mom's yard goodies. While this bloom is bursting from a GIANT bush, it's goin' it alone...not a single brother or sister flower to keep it comp-any, and it's been like that all summer long... guess the bush is focusing all its energy into this one stunning flower. I wish my powers of concentration yielded such beautiful results!


Jenn said...

They're gorgeous, Erin! Nice to see you back! :)

Jane said...

Wow, those are all pretty. We have a bush that grows here that has purple flowers and smells OH SO GOOD! I can smell them from my neighbors yard (and we have acre lots). And I have a purple car too (a PT cruiser)!


Jeannie said...

Erin where are you??!!
Is everything ok?